About us
Turning individual needs into group requirements and purchasing targeted insurance products together

Our insurance brokerage firm was established with the belief that the power of the Web would help us bring together individual needs and negotiate the best policy terms with the main insurance companies operating in Italy.

Strength in numbers
Through our website we create groups of people with similar insurance needs and, once a minimum number of potential policy buyers have joined a group, we approach the main insurance companies to negotiate the best possible terms.

This is made possible by the group’s bargaining power, as witnessed in other fields (e.g., buying groups), which allows the negotiation of big discounts for multiple purchases.

We estimate that, by negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, we can secure discounts of up to 20% on premiums and even more favourable terms on subsequent renewals of the policies.

The strength of the Web

You can also use the Internet and social media to introduce our services to your friends, families, colleagues or acquaintances, and help us reach out to other people who might be interested in joining our groups.

Gruppo Laera SRL, the owner of the meglioinsieme.com brand and their respective logos, is an insurance brokerage firm registered with the Rome Chamber of Commerce under number RM 815532, VAT number 04896911007, subject to supervision by IVASS (Italian insurance supervisory authority) and enrolled in the Single Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries under number B000083415.