Why toghether?
Why together and why in a group?
Because there is strength in numbers and, in the insurance industry, this strength can allow us negotiate the terms and price of policies. Our goal is to stand by the excluded to create tailored insurance products that can turn individual needs into group requirements and, by leveraging a group’s collective buying power, negotiate targeted insurance offers that wouldn’t be available to individuals.

Let’s take, for example, a policy that provides for reimbursement of medical expenses.

As an individual, your eligibility for this type of policy depends on several parameters, such as your age, job, sex and pre-existing medical conditions (which often constitute grounds for exclusion from the basic guarantee). If everything goes well, you will be offered a premium that is usually quite high. If you then want to extend such guarantee to all the members of your household, the premium will be even higher.

A company with several employees, by contrast, can be offered an excellent premium for the reimbursement of medical expenses. The sheer number of employees for whom the policy is requested provides the company with the buying power needed to negotiate the best terms and minimise exclusions, which would be impossible for individuals.

The same logic applies to all types of insurance policies currently available on the market.

That’s why we created MeglioInsieme.com: we use a group’s collective buying power and negotiate targeted insurance offers that would not be available to individuals in order to:
  • design tailored products
  • negotiate prices and terms
The policy terms that we obtain from insurance companies are then presented to the group on our website, so that each member can discuss them and propose possible changes.

How we operate

We divide our brokerage commissions into three parts:
  • one is rebated to the members by way of an immediate discount on their policy or a voucher to be spent on the website of one of our partners
  • another is retained by MeglioInsieme
  • the third is rebated to the insurance company
This ensures that, after a few years, the group will benefit from a substantial price reduction and will have a targeted and unique product on the Italian market in terms of both price and conditions.