Health/Public liability insurance for dogs over 7 years of age

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Help us create your policy: join us as we work together to build health/public liability insurance for your dog!

What policies are available just for dogs over 7 years of age?Today, there are no policies dedicated to the health of dogs over 7 years of age. And yet, even as they maintain puppy-like personalities or still enjoy fetching a stick, our four-legged friends do in fact get old: their vision fails, mobility becomes more difficult, and they tend to have skin problems. The older the dog gets, the more it needs to visit the veterinarian: this is why having insurance that helps us monitor their health, while lowering the costs to do so, is essential in order to take care of them while controlling expenses.

Why are we different, and how can we get a policy? Because the power we acquire as a group allows us to negotiate the price and conditions of the policies, so we can obtain new products not yet present on the market. This is why joining the group is so necessary: once we have 200 members, we’ll be able to reach our objectives.

Invite other interested people: the more we are, the easier it will be to get the most from the insurance companies.