House policy against the Catastrophic Events

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Help us create the policy: join us and together we work to get home insurance tailored for you!

To date, the policies on the market provide for important exclusions and limitations, in terms of deductibles and limits to compensation, such as to discourage their underwriting. With this group we want to overturn the perspective of current insurance policies and obtain a more advantageous one, which manages to maintain a reasonable premium.

Our commitment is to cover all catastrophic risks, even those excluded from conventional policies:
  •      earthquake
  •      seaquake
  •      flood / Flood
  •      flooding
  •      tornado
  •      vulcanic eruption
  •      landslide
  •      avalanche

Why we are different and how can we get the policy? Because the power we acquire as a group allows us to negotiate the price and conditions of the policies, allowing us to obtain new products, not yet available on the market. For this you need to join the group: as soon as we get to 100 members, we will start negotiations with insurance companies.

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Invite other interested people: the more we will be, the easier it will be to get the most out of the companies.
Potrebbe interessarti... qui inserirei i sottogruppi, non i gruppi