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Although everyone believes that the tablet was born with the Apple iPad, the first prototype was born in 1968 from the mind of the computer scientist Alan Kay, who called it Dynabook (unfortunately it remained only a prototype and was never marketed). Since then there have been several models: Gridpad (1989), Newton Message Pad (1993), Web Tablet (2001), Q! (2006), iPad and GalaxyPad (2010) and today, anyone working on the move can not do without his trusted tablet. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to protect it with an ad hoc insurance policy, which protects us against theft, loss and damage.

This group was created to bring together all the people who need to secure their device and thus allow us to negotiate a bespoke policy with the companies.

Why join the group?

Join the group and together we will start trading with companies for the tablet policy.

As soon as we get to 300 members, we will start negotiations with insurance companies.

Invite other people interested in the group to get more and more benefits: the more we will be, the easier it will be to get the most out of the companies.
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