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Anyone who has tried to find a valuable watch insurance knows how difficult it is to get even a quote. This is because policies for these items are not easily available on the Italian market. For this reason you are forced to fall back on a house bill and insert the guarantee for theft (which often covers only gold objects).

This is why we want to offer companies the creation of a policy that covers the theft, robbery, loss and damage of valuable watches around the world, giving you the opportunity to choose the policy on the house that you prefer without having to choose a to cover your watch.

Furthermore, if the watch is vintage, antique or collectible, it is necessary to evaluate it, so that, in the event of a claim, the amount relative to its current market value is obtained. There are two options for evaluating your watch:

  •     through an expert
  •     by means of the receipt of purchase.

Why join the group?

Join the group and together we will start trading with the companies for the policy against the theft of our watches.

As soon as we get to 200 members, we will start negotiations with insurance companies.

Invite other people interested in the group to get more and more benefits: the more we will be, the easier it will be to get the most out of the companies.

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