Term life insurance: HIV

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Help us create your policy: join us as we work together to build health insurance tailored just for you!
One reason why this group came into being was to allow persons with HIV to access the services of insurance companies. In fact, despite the progress achieved in the medical field, HIV-positive persons are excluded from the normal process of negotiating for insurance products with life coverage. It is a situation that causes hardship not only for them but for their whole family, ruling out the possibility for them to take out a loan to buy a first home, or simply to increase their loved ones’ financial security.

People who have contracted the HIV virus are excluded by insurance companies even though the health checks and protocols they follow have extended their average life expectancy, quickly heading off any other pathologies and turning this pathological status into a simple, chronic disease.

Why are we different, and how can we get a policy? Because the power we acquire as a group allows us to negotiate the price and conditions of the policies, so we can obtain new products not yet present on the market. This is why joining the group is so necessary: once we have 250 members, we’ll be able to reach our objectives.
Invite other interested people: the more we are, the easier it will be to get the most from the insurance companies.

Registering on the site and joining  the group is safe: the site’s design in fact has adopted all the privacy and data encryption precautions: the users’ names will never be published or shared, and members will receive no communication making reference to the group.