Term life insurance: Diabetes

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Term life policies are useful to guarantee the immediate availability of a benefit in the event of death: genuine social safety nets, they are used by those who represent their family’s main source of income, or have small children to protect. Today, despite their use, the insurance market makes these policies unavailable to certain categories of persons, excluding them from the normal process of negotiating for insurance products with life coverage. It is a situation that causes hardship not only for them but for their whole family, ruling out the possibility for them to take out a loan to buy a first home, or simply to increase their loved ones’ financial security.

This group came into being to allow persons with diabetes (regular in medical check-ups) to access term life policies: to do so, we rely on strength in numbers. The more we are, the easier it will be to convince the companies to create policies tailored to each patient.

Why join the group?

By joining the group, you will help us reach a number of people that can negotiate a good life policy for diabetics.

As soon as we have 150 members, we will begin negotiating with the insurance companies.
Invite other interested people: the more we are, the easier it will be to get the most from the insurance companies.